Cory Bernardi

Senator for South Australia

The Mid-Winter Spring Clean

Even though it is the middle of Winter, I have been doing a bit of ‘Spring’ cleaning around the office. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates over thirteen years of parliamentary life.
There are thousands of papers and constituent files and hundreds of books on all manner of subjects. Whilst almost everything provokes memories of battles fought in times past, the books have been the most interesting.

Unlocking Our Resources

It’s easy to identify problems but much more difficult to provide a sensible solution. Politics seems to fuel the grievance industry with constant demands that the government do something about myriad problems. Often, these problems have little or nothing to do with the government. They are likely the product of imprudent personal or corporate decision making where the result isn’t as hoped.
Those who fail to insure their homes but demand government support to rebuild is one such example. Another is those who chase stupidly high investment returns that are ‘guaranteed’ then blame the government when they lose all their money.

The Confidence Crisis

Here is the heads-up on the cause of the next financial crisis: interest rates. No, I don’t mean higher interest rates but lower ones. I know that sounds counter-intuitive because ‘everyone knows’ that lower interest rates are good for the economy, prompting...

A Crunchy Decision!

Last week’s announcement about the future of the Australian Conservatives certainly prompted a huge volume of correspondence. If you missed the news you can read the statement sent to Party members here.
Overwhelmingly the feedback I received was one of understanding and appreciation for the frank assessment of the matters leading to the decision to deregister the Party. It was a very tough call to make but when all the circumstances were considered it was the rational decision.

The Debt Dilemma

Let’s talk about debt. Not the sophistry of good debt and bad debt but the brutal reality of what debt actually does.
Debt doesn’t really matter… until suddenly it does. Then debt enslaves and erodes freedom. It cripples economies and enterprise. It destroys relationships and creates disharmony …and it’s coming our way!

No Reason To Cheer

The big news this week is that the Australian economy looks to be in a spot of bother. That’s why the Reserve Bank cut official interest rates.
Normally this is a reason to cheer as the cost of borrowing is reduced and more money gets to slosh around the economy generating investment, jobs and general prosperity.